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Few Words About Us

With more and more people wanting to keep their cars/trucks on the road without having to buy new, they need good quality parts at great prices. Our family travels to find you these great deals. We ourselves drive older vehicles. We love the oldies (and we don't necessarily mean like 40 &50's old) But the northern life takes a toll on these rides. That is why we started going and finding parts. It started with wanting to repair our own then family members then friends and well before you knew it a friend of a friend asked if we could find them a bed and well that's how we got started. So let us help you keep your ride on the road. If we don't have what you need we will do our best to find it. We make trips several times a month to keep our stock up. So at times you might only have to wait a few days for a good part to arrive. We thank you for visiting our site and may God Bless each and everyone of you!

Why Choose Us

We have the most advanced equipment for your auto diagnostics and recovery

Quick Support

Need help finding a part give us a call and we can help

Talented Employees

Our workers/drivers all have an automotive background and know what type of parts we look for. So they are trained to go find us the best deals so that we can pass it along to you.

Best Price

We are almost always lower than our competitors. 

Delivery available

Don't have a way to get your part? Don't worry for a small fee we can bring it to you. Ask for details.

Customers Rides

Michael Chase

Owner / Sr.Mechanic

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In Loving Memory of John Holland

We lost John just a few weeks ago and this was his baby. A 1970 GTO Judge.

#722 Econo-Mod of Kyle Reinwald

You can come check out Kyle and  watch him battle his way through the pack.  What fun what fun. Don't miss it each Friday night at Raceway 7 in Conneaut Ohio and on the weekends at Eriez Speedway. (Heres to a great year Kyle)

#222 E-Mod of Eric Reinwald

Come check out Eric at Raceway 7 in Conneaut Oh on Friday nights along with Eriez speedway on the weekend. Don't miss all the fun.

#60 Econo-Mod of Ashley Rogers

Make sure when you are at Raceway 7 or Eriez that you keep your eyes on this young lady as she tears up the track. Good luck this year Ashley!!